RockSolid Automation Platform

Database management is costly, repetitive and prone to human error. This makes it perfectly suitable for automation. RockSolid is an automated, top down, policy-driven management tool for large and complex SQL Server Environments that helps organisations improve service delivery, reduce costs and increase compliance.

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Database Operations Automation Platform

RockSolid is a complete automation platform for Microsoft SQL Servers. Featuring configuration automation, process automation and operational automation as standard.

Predictive Analytics Engine

RockSolid’s Predictive Analytics and learning engine understands the nuances of your operating environment. Advanced algorithms, baseline monitoring and exception reporting fixes problems before they get out of hand.

Governance and Compliance

Compliance automation ensures that your environment is constantly monitored and maintained. RockSolid provides provisions for your to map your risk framework and ensure your environments are always compliant.

Process Driven Resolution Pathways

RockSolid ensures process driven resolution pathways are always followed. RockSolid ensures that the resolution pathway is predictable and removes the variance of individual DBA methodology.

Enterprise Scalability

RockSolid was designed to scale across thousands of nodes where automation provides huge economies of scale. Single click deployments, automated discovery, automated resolution can save organisations huge costs, thousands of man hours and improved service delivery.


RockSolid Managed Services

RockSolid’s software and team of Senior DBA’s are the perfect compliment to your SQL Server deployment. Supercharge your environment and let us take over the operational management.

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Flexibility and Improved Productivity

Maintain your competitive edge by refocusing your team on delivering higher value projects such as BI and Development while we take care of the daily operations.

Significant Cost Reduction

Our clients enjoy significant upfront savings of up to 80% over traditional DBA delivery models with added benefits of improved system up time and performance.

24 x 7 Operational Support

Our managed services team support over 20,000 customer databases across 5 continents 24 x 7.

Tailored and Dedicated Operational Support

The high costs and risk associated with staff churn and absenteeism is a thing of the past. No downtime means continuous service delivery and no lost of market momentum.

Transparent and Accountable

We remained 100% committed to accountability and transparency. Every single micro transaction whether its automated or manual is recorded and auditable.


Our DBAs have highest level of Security clearance and are authorised to work within heavily regulated government and financial institutions.