Magnificent SQL Server Support for your Business

SQL Server support that meets and exceeds your expectations across experience, service levels, innovation and value for money.

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Improved Productivity

Maintain your competitive edge by refocusing your team on delivering higher value projects such as BI and Development while we take care of the daily operations.

Transparent and Accountable

We are 100% committed to accountability and transparency. Every activity our team undertakes, whether it’s automated or manual, is recorded and auditable.


Our DBAs have high levels of security clearance and are authorised to work within heavily regulated government and financial institutions.

Significant Cost Reduction

Our clients enjoy significant savings of up to 80% over traditional DBA delivery models with added benefits of improved system up time and performance.

Why use RockSolid SQL

24/7 Operational Support

We provide a 10 minute response time for high severity issues to all of our customers as standard.

Dependable Operational Support

The high costs and risk associated with staff churn and absenteeism is a thing of the past. No downtime means continuous service delivery and no lost of market momentum.

Scalable Support Solution

Whether you have 1 or 500 SQL Server instances, our support solution will deliver value and savings to your environment. Our volume pricing model enables our service to scale SQL Server environments of any size.

Experience Matters

We have been providing SQL Server DBA support since 2004. We support over 20,000 customer databases across every version and configuration scenario. Our team includes SQL Server MCM, MVP and Microsoft Certified DBA professionals.

RockSolid Workbench

Stress free DBA Support

24/7 Database management across all SQL Server deployments, including on-premise, public cloud and DBaaS (Azure SQL Database and RDS).

Databases Under Management
DBAS assigned to each customer
Out of 5 Customer Satisfaction Score

Service Capabilities you can Depend On

A complete 24/7 SQL Server DBA support service that allows you and your team to hand over operational support, so you can focus on key business objectives that drive value in your organisation.

Why use RockSolid SQL

Why Use RockSolid SQL?

RockSolid SQL have been providing SQL Server Support since 2004, over that time we have been constantly innovating to provide our customers the best service levels available, combined with some of the lowest costs in the industry.

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