Magnificent Operational Management for your Enterprise

The RockSolid operational platform provides automation, monitoring and management to reduce costs and drive value within enterprise database environments.

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Operations Automation Platform

RockSolid is a complete automation platform for enterprise database environments. Featuring configuration automation, process automation and operational automation as standard.

Enterprise Scalability

RockSolid scales to thousands of nodes, where automation provides huge economies of scale. Automated discovery, deployment and resolution can save organisations huge costs, thousands of man hours and improved service delivery.

Governance and Compliance

Compliance automation ensures that your environment is constantly monitored and maintained. RockSolid provides provisions for your to map your risk framework and ensure your environments are always compliant.

Reduce Costs & Incidents

RockSolid users can reduce operational support costs by up to 80%, with while reducing incidents and driving improvements in system management and performance. This allows existing resources to be refocus on higher value business projects and objectives.

RockSolid SQL Automation Platform

Secure Platform

RockSolid is a secure platform utilised within regulated government, banking and other financial institutions. RockSolid reduces the number of employees who require administrative privileges within your environment, and provides extensive security auditing and reporting functions.

Policy Driven Management

RockSolid carries out operational management via policies you define within the policy framework. This provides assurance that at all times, all systems are being maintained consistently with your enterprise standards.

Reduced Maintenance Burden

Enterprises build up a myriad of management scripts, which can be effective, but become a maintenance burden. RockSolid deploys all maintenance processes from policy definitions, allowing the removal of existing scripts in favour of global standardised processes.

Centralised Operational Data

RockSolid is centralised repository for the monitored environment. No installation on the monitored hosts, and no monitoring data is retained on the monitored hosts. All analysis and reporting is from the central repository ensuring secure and timely access to management data


RockSolid Platform Features

A complete 24/7 SQL Server DBA support service that allows you and your team to hand over operational support, so you can focus on key business objectives that drive value in your organisation.


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