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RockSolid Automation Platform

Database management is costly, repetitive and prone to human error. This makes it perfectly suitable for automation. RockSolid is an automated, top down, policy-driven management tool for large and complex SQL Server Environments that helps organisations improve service delivery, reduce costs and increase compliance.

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Database Operations Automation Platform

RockSolid is a complete automation platform for enterprise database environments. Featuring configuration automation, process automation and operational automation as standard, the RockSolid automation platform allows complex automation workflows to be easily modelled in the visual designer then deployed.

Predictive Analytics Engine

RockSolid’s Predictive Analytics and learning engine understands the nuances of your operating environment. Advanced algorithms, baseline monitoring and exception reporting identifies and quantifies issues in real-time, across hundreds or thousands of nodes without needing specific KPI’s to be configured for each node.

Governance and Compliance

Compliance automation ensures that your environment is constantly monitored and maintained. RockSolid provides provisions for you to map your risk framework and ensure your environments are always compliant.

Policy Driven Operational Management

RockSolid deploys operational management and maintenance activities based on the policies you have defined within the RockSolid policy framework. This provides assurance that at all times, all systems, regardless of the size of your environment, are being managed and maintained consistently with your operational standards.

Enterprise Scalability

RockSolid was designed to scale to thousands of nodes, where automation and standardisation provides huge economies of scale. Automated discovery, automated deployment and automated resolution can save organisations huge costs and thousands of man hours while improved service delivery.