RockSolid Auto Stop-Start

published: 2015-12-07 14:18

One key cost saving option, when using the public cloud for development and test environments, is the shutting down hosts when not in use. Many short term instances are charged per hour, turning these off when not required can often save businesses 40% or more on associated fees.

With database servers, one of the challenges is knowing how to manage the start-up/shutdown phases to avoid these impacting on users as well as scheduled backups and maintenance processes. Periods of use can commonly change by day of week and a fixed on/off schedule is usually problematic. Additionally, as a database server typically has many databases each with their own usage schedules, the decision to shut down is one that must be made with an aggregate view across the system.

RockSolid Auto Stop Start

To help solve this RockSolid now includes the ability to automatically stop and start hosts that are deployed in either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. The scheduling control for this function is integrated into the same scheduling UI that controls database usage, backups and maintenance. When all databases enter a shutdown period, RockSolid automatically shuts down the host operating system environment (OSE). However RockSolid will also restart the host and database server instance once entering into backup, maintenance or normal usage periods, ensuring the host is up and running as required and expected.

This feature is included with RockSolid Version 5.02 and available to all RockSolid customers, including managed services customers.

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