RockSolid SQL - Supporting over 8000 production SQL Server Databases

published: 2012-09-29 00:00

We have, in the past, kept the exact number of databases that we support fairly close to our chest. The SQL Server DBA support market is surprisingly competitive, and we have always been conscious of giving too much information away. However I think we are now in a unique position, both with a massive scale SQL Server support business and a very well-oiled SQL Server support business. We have reached a level of maturity and resilience which means, so time to share some numbers!

As of today we are supporting just a little over 8,100 production SQL Server databases. No that is not a typo; my team of dedicated SQL Server DBAs has 24x7 responsibility for over 8000 mission critical databases which support every type of application from ERP, CRM, Financials, SharePoint through to custom built apps. And we only have 1 service level, the best service level, so we support every one of these databases at the same level of criticality.

Some more numbers:

  • We support just under a PetaByte of disk space
  • And we support over 5000 CPU cores

In terms of how we provide support, our business is based around our RockSolid SQL Server management product which monitors, analyses, automates and alerts to issues in SQL Server environments. What we monitor in real time includes:

  • 322,000 daily SQL Server backups
  • 414,000 daily SQL Agent job executions
  • Over 2,000,000 TSQL batches (only a subset, things which taken more than a few ms)
  • Over 14,000,000 daily individual user logins

From our monitoring, RockSolid generates over:

  • 749,552 events (things which have happened in SQL Server)
  • 13,000 issues which require further investigation

Out of those issues, our RockSolid SQL Server management product investigates and resolves the majority of common minor issues. What is left is escalated to our dedicated 24x7 DBA team. If any of those issues are SEV1 (critical in nature) we are responding, on average, within 3 minutes any time night or day.

If you don’t have your databases managed by RockSolid SQL and would like to find out more about how we can not only improve database operational management, but also significantly reduce operational costs, please contact us.

We are on-site DBA friendly out tasking company. Many of our clients have SQL Server project DBA’s on their team and we slot into any style of environment.

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